We'd like to share some thoughts with you. As you have most likely heard, if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. This is true of the Earth Angel Foundation Board Members.

The mission of the Earth Angel Foundation of Ohio is to send terminally and/or life threatening ill children on dream vacations. Each Board member has a different reason for their interest in this mission. The Board members and friends of the foundation come from a variety of backgrounds; but, all volunteer their time for this worthwhile cause. The Board meets monthly to plan and implement the mission of the Earth Angel Foundation.

The Earth Angel Foundation of Ohio is a local organization founded in Central Ohio. Currently, the funds raised benefit the children of all of Ohio. To our knowledge we are the only nonprofit and volunteer organization to send terminally and life-threatening ill children and their families on dream vacations.

How are children selected?

Names of children ages 2 thru 18 are submitted to the Child Selection Committee. First, their illness must be medically determined as a terminal or life-threatening illness, verified in writing by their physician. Second, the child selection committee interviews the child and parents in their home. Based on the selection committee's findings and funds available, the board acts on the selection. Lastly, a joint effort between the families, the child selection committee plans the dream vacation of the child's choice.

How many children have benefited and how is money raised?

Since we started, over 200 children and their families have taken dream vacations. We continually hear of more children who would benefit from a trip, and our goal is to respond to as many requests as possible each year. The Super-Cruise-In-Show has been our primary means of raising funds. We do not solicit for donations by phone, but we do have "sanctioned" Earth Angel events throughout the year, and of course, we will gratefully accept private or corporate donations as we are 501 C-3 certified.

It is amazing that when we interview a potential recipient of a dream vacation, the amount of love, faith, and hope that these families endlessly display. Parents experience tremendous suffering as they watch their child or children endure ongoing tests, surgery, therapy, and pain. The support of the Earth Angel Foundation, and people like you as well as our corporate sponsors and individual donors providing a dream vacation, allows the family some reprieve, aiding them in maintaining strength and courage as they care for their ill child or children.

If you would like to become a corporate sponsor of the Earth Angel Foundation of Ohio, of which we are a 501-C-3 nonprofit organization, please contact me at:
740-332-4713 or Call: 866-611-ANGL (2645)


Respectfully, Neil E. Redd President-Board Chairman Earth Angel Foundation of Ohio, Inc.