These are some of the wonderful poems written by Caleb many years ago when he was only a five year old. These poems are extraordinary, even for the young child that he was.

Earth Angels
Angles come in many forms,
do good in many ways.
I'd like to share a few with you,
their hearts, their hugs, their wings,
Their hearts are big and made of gold,
this tale has just begun, not told.
If you just look around you now,
you may spot just a few,
look into their eyes and watch them smile
and see their wings peek through.
Their arms, they stretch both far and wide,
their hugs are warm and sure,
their laughter brings a smile to all,
it's loud, it's clear, it's pure,
I'd like to thank those angels,
who've touch my heart so dear
Thank You Earth Angels
for letting me be here.

~ Caleb Winebrenner
June 13, 2001


It Could Happen

Take care of the earth
keep it clean, keep it right,
Don't pollute, it's now our fight.

It could happen, if we work as a team,
together we're strong, together we're clean.
Oh it could happen, oh it could happen.

We don't know when it will be,
this special day that's pollution free.
Oh it could happen, it could happen some day.

~ Caleb Winebrenner



Anything is possible if we
Just try. We can adore our
family with all our heart,
and that is where our love
must start.

There is more to love than that
indeed, when we love others
and plant the seed. We must
spread our love throughout the
land, from the ocean, to the
mountains, to the sky,
to the sand.

We can help the strangers
and aid the ones in need.
We can end their suffering
if we listen to their plea.
We can like out neighbors,
and love our friends
if we try harder
then hate won't begin.

~ Caleb Winebrenner