As President of an organization formed in 1987 to send children with life threatening illness or terminally ill children and their families on Dream Vacations, please allow me to say that the only way we could have sent over 200 families on all-expense paid trips to places like Disney World, NASCAR events, and even to a Dude ranch in Texas - has been entirely due to the generous support of people like you, the good folks who have participated in one or more of our annual Super Cruise events.

Life threatening illness is challenging enough for any human being to be able to cope with. Try to imagine raising a little girl or boy who must constantly endure pain, sickness, ongoing test's, multiple surgeries and lengthy hospital stays. The prospect of watching any child, but particularly your child, experiencing this level of suffering all the time (many times culminating in the unthinkable) seems to be almost too much for any of us to bare. Still, we find a level of love, faith, hope, strength and courage radiating throughout these remarkable families, which is absolutely stunning, perhaps even a little bit humbling, to those of us blessed with perfect children and/or otherwise bountiful lives.

From the very beginning, our ONLY goal has been to provide these families with a brief moment of extraordinary, unique and quality time away from the day-to-day grind which they constantly are made to endure. It is also meant to be a time enjoyed by the entire family together, without the shadow of what the experience would otherwise be costing them financially. It is ultimately meant to be a spectacularly joyous, stress-free and worry-free time, the memories of which these families will cherish for a lifetime.

Our organization is comprised of 100% volunteers, no paid staff, and to implement an event of this magnitude takes many hours of hard work, sponsors, and donations. Our events are entirely about generating the funds needed to support our cause.

If you would like to become a sponsor of the Earth Angel Foundation of Ohio, of which we are a 501-C-3 nonprofit organization, please contact us at 740-407-4278 or visit sponsorship level page.



Bill Shepard
President-Board Chairman
Earth Angel Foundation of Ohio, Inc.